Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Penny Pinching Mama

Well, as you know, I'm attempting to organise my life.  And that includes my finances.  Which aren't in the best shape in the world.  They could be worse but they could also be a lot better.
Now, according to www.creditexpert.co.uk my credit rating is "fair" but I'd love for it to be "good".  Which means getting rid of the debt.

So in a moment of serendipity, I came across the Penny Pinching Mama.  This lady has some fab tips for cutting costs, living on a budget & shifting the debt. 

And for the next couple of hours she's running a competition to win a copy of her book "how to save money & get rid of debt"  simply by going to her blog post here

All you need to do is comment on the blog post by the end of 28th February & you've got a chance of winning!

Good luck guys!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Unclean, Unclean.....

Beware, for I have man-flu!!  Which is typical (& more than a tad annoying) seeing as how I'm off work this week....

Littlest son has also been ill - horrid hacking/barking cough, listless & totally not himself...  Last time he was like this, I ended up feeling like I do now - horrid cough, sneezing constantly, sore eyes, aching all over, freezing cold & absolutely no energy....  the rest of the house remained perfectly healthy.....  hmmmm!!

Anyway, illness aside, we've been decorating this week.  The biggest 2 boys bedroom to be precise.  So far, we've only managed to strip the walls & fill in the holes but it's a start. And not bad when you consider we've been up to see family & also spent the day in Swansea yesterday, so we've really only had 2 days....

The house is a goddamn tip again tho....  (not that it was actually tidy but at least 2 of the downstairs rooms looked reasonable.)  I have managed to keep polishing my original place (living room floor) but that's a tad difficult as we have no vacuum cleaner at the moment.  The shit spots have regathered shit and the dining room table (which had become an extension of the place polishing) is also covered in crap....  I blame having everyone round...  honestly, it's nothing to do with my own laziness...

I'll kick-start it all again in a minute and in the meantime, in case you were interested in where I'd got up to on the Habithacking steps (before it all went pear-shaped), I've now begun my Brain On Paper (BOP); added to it and learnt about the importance of using a timer.

Next week, once the kids are back at school (& I'm back at work, boo)  I'll start on the D-Day Delve  And boy does this place need it!!!

Hope you've all been enjoying half-term - see you next time!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

At last, at long last!!

I have been scouring Ebay/the local car dealers/free papers for a good couple of years, looking for a Volkswagon Caravelle....

I've wanted one for years...  Firstly, so I could go to gigs knowing that all I had to do was chuck a mattress in the back on top of the seats & voila, a handy place to sleep (mind you, the fact that when I was going to all these gigs, I couldn't actually drive was just a small sticking point)

Secondly (& probably more importantly) I seem to have a miniature tribe of small boys....  I'm still not entirely sure where they actually came from....  Anyway, said small boys were getting a tad cramped in the back of the Zafira that we were transporting them in....  and there's nowhere to put the vast quantities of food needed to feed a small tribe in a Zafira once all the seats are up....  ignore the adverts - they lie I tell you....

Anyway, we've finally got one!!!  I am so chuffed.  Yes it's old but it's got virtually no mileage (unlike vans that were a good 10 years younger than ours with 200K + more mileage.....) and it's in really really good condition.

And the boot space!!!  My good grief!  We could do our shopping for several months & still have space to spare!  And if we suddenly decide to move house (not that that's likely to happen, barring a lottery win) we could just take the back seats out & put stuff in the back - ok, it would take several runs but we wouldn't need to hire a van!

On the downside of course (there always is one, isn't there) I think it's going to cost us a bomb in fuel..... 

But do I care at the moment?  Nope!