Saturday, 28 January 2012


Well, I promised that I'd get round to telling you about

I came across this lovely lady's site a couple of months ago & I have to tell you, I way prefer it to Flylady - only one email a day & she tells it like it is - a shitspot is a shitspot not a "hotspot"!!

And she's transforming me!  You should see my living room - it only takes me 5 minutes these days to whizz round my living room, including vacuuming!! I'm not saying that it's immaculate, cos it's not, but I'm not going to be apologising for the state of it if someone calls unannounced!!

I will admit to you now, even though I've been subscribed for a couple of months (71 days to be precise) I'm actually only up to Day 7.  This is because of the way my inner rebellious teenager works...
I really really was trying to add a step a day, but then earlier things weren't getting done...

So I decided to start again at the beginning & add a new step only when I was into the habit of the earlier steps....  And that is working much better for me...  I may not be doing everything every day, but step 1 ("Polishing my place") is definitely ingrained now...  In fact, I do that several times a day!!  Even the monsters are getting pretty good at tidying the living room!! (My "place" if you're wondering is my living room floor...)

I also finally got round to putting the key rack up that I bought months back cos of this (day 3)
And I'm getting pretty good at shovelling the shit (day 5)

BUUUT, I'm stuck on step 7 - putting clothes out for the next day before I go to bed....  I really want to move on, so my goal for this next week is to do this EVERY night....  including the boys (although uniform's not challenging to think about so no excuse there!)

Anyway, in case any of you want to follow along with me, here's the links to the steps so far...

Step 2 Do your do

Step 3 Stash that key

Step 4 Polish twice

Step 5 Take a break

Step 6 Shovel the shit

Step 7 What to wear?

And yes, I know, you can always sign up to get the emails yourself but if we can cheer each other on, then maybe we can finally get organised (ok, you're probably already living in a tidy haven, so maybe I can finally get organised!)

And if you did want to do the steps alongside me, then honestly, these first 7 steps are easy to do a step a day, so this time next week, you can be at the same stage as me....  (if you really want to be!)

And maybe I can put some pics up as well as we go along!  *wonders if there's a way that you can share pics with me???*

Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So excited!!!

So, me & my lovely husband were umming & ahhing over whether to go to Download this year or not.... (We've booked the time off work just in case of course!)

I've just been checking the latest band announcements on the Download Facebook page to find out that Little Angels are reforming for it!!!!  I absolutely adore Little Angels & was heartbroken when they split (bizarrely I was actually more upset when they split than when my favourite band split up - but then, The Wildhearts do keep splitting & reforming so I guess that I never believe it when they announce a parting of the ways!!)

I now have a grin like the cheshire cat on my face...  Am I going to Download?  Oh I think so!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bye Bye Baby, Baby Goodbye....


My youngest started school today...  Only in the mornings, but still - school.  Uniform & everything....

I'm not a happy Mammy today.  He's still my baby - he even smells like a baby still if you get the right part of his neck...  He can't possibly be big enough to go to school.  He certainly doesn't look big enough...  And we were stopped by so many people ahhing over him on the way in this morning!!

So that's it - no more baby.  He'll grow up soooo quickly now.

Mind you - on the plus side, I'll get to drink a hot cup of coffee, & actually get my housework & Avon round done soooo much quicker!  (not that I'm that fussed on the housework, but you know what I mean!)