Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Thank you NHS...

...for the special miracle that is my eldest child. This time seven years ago I was in a slight state of shock & gazing in a combination of awe & utter fear at a tiny little scrap barely clinging onto life, covered in tubes & wires & looking more like something scraped off the road than a baby....  It had been 4 hours between actually giving birth & being allowed to see him, but there he was, tiny but perfectly formed - just 3 months before he was meant to be here (& has continued being bloody awkward ever since.  Hohum)

And today is his seventh birthday.  He's healthy, happy (although you wouldn't think it from the drama queen tears we seem to get at least once a day) cheeky, gorgeous, extremely clever and more importantly, very much alive.

So thank you NHS.  (Although, I have to admit that some days, when he's been severely trying my patience, that does get said around gritted teeth....  but in all seriousness, I wouldn't be without him at all....)

Happy Birthday little soldier....

Thursday, 2 September 2010

All hail September

The kids are back at school!!!  They were getting so bored, bless 'em so of course their behaviour was deteriorating...  But thankfully, they're back.   Of course that meant The Woo complaining about "I don't like school, I'm sleepy" this morning but his complaints didn't stop him skipping off with his girlfriend when his class were taken through...

Poor E tho has suffered rejection... When I picked them up this afternoon he told me quite sadly that "L isn't marrying me anymore because I've got brown skin"  poor bairn....  apparently he has a new girlfriend already tho!  Oh to be almost 7 when things are that easily solved!

Tidge starts nursery tomorrow - he's not old enough to be starting nursery...  It's not right I tell you.  What on earth I'm going to do when my little Bo-Bo starts in 16 months is absolutely beyond me.