Friday, 23 July 2010

grrrr - bloody children

free to a good home, 1 little boy who won't sleep....

Earlier on it would have been 3 little boys who won't sleep, but 2 of them have succumbed.....

I realised earlier that I didn't say what the weather was like when I posted yesterday.   Started off a bit dismal, but ended up very sunny.

And exactly the same today.  Hoping it lasts through next week...

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Awwww - a brand new baby cousin!

First off, huge huge congratulations to my lovely cousin Mary who's just had a baby girl!!!  That makes her my first cousin once removed?  My second cousin?  who knows!!

"Cricket check" day, as head lice checks are known in this house...  How come 3 of my boys were completely clear, but one was riddled?  hmmmmm.

And I really can't believe the arrogance of some people - someone pulled up outside our house, blocking the drive to use the phone (plenty of room behind her).  Glen needed to go to the shop for something, so he made a big song & dance about getting into the car - nope, steadfastly refused to look out of the window.  He turned the key in the ignition & got the engine going, nope.  Put the car in reverse, uh-uh.  He used the horn - 3 times, leaning on it the final time.  No, she still was refusing to look (who doesn't look round when a car beeps next to them?)  I ended up having to go & knock on her window (earning myself a glare in the process & an "I'm on the phone") to get her to move - in her own time of course.....
She should count herself lucky I didn't get her reg & take pics of her in the car to report her to the police really....

Ah well...

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bring me sunshine...

Much nicer weather today....  didn't start out too promising, in fact it was raining whilst we were eating breakfast.  But since around 10am it's been lovely sunshine.  Hoping the sun stays around for a while.

I'm now covered in new bruises after flinging myself round a pole (& it hasn't helped the eczema on my armpit) but I'm hoping I'm showing improvement...  I can't spin to save my life but I seem to be ok with tricks!

Only a couple of days till we go to Cornwall now - can't wait to stuff myself full of cream teas, icecream & pasties!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rain rain go away...

Day 5 (or is that day 4 or 6?  I lose count - already!)  more rain... It did try to clear up for a while but to no avail...

Baby Nikki has learnt how to say "No" rather than simply shaking his head - so he's now going round shouting "nnnnnnooooooo" at everyone & everything.  Which is cute - wonder how long I'll be saying that for?

That's pretty much it - nothing to report today.  I'm going to have to find interesting ways to write about my daily life!!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Schools Out For Summer!!

So that's it - the eldest 2 have broken up for the next 6 weeks...  Let the chaos commence!

Weather-wise, it's day 4 & it's been overcast with on/off showers all day....  According to Len, the guru of weather predictions here in Pembrokeshire, it's going to rain tomorrow as well....

Still waiting for the landlord to ring.  They've managed to cash the rent check of course....  And now, along with the saniflow system spurting foul-smelling liquid out of the basin, the unit's started to leak.  Great.

On a more positive note, the estate agent dealing with the sale of our house rang to let me know we have a potential buyer....  He knows the house needs work, is quite prepared for that & is just waiting to see if he can get a mortgage.  If he can he is likely to put in an offer apparently.... Please Goddess let it happen!!!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

er -you're not alone...

Day 3 - mainly dry but overcast apart from a brief 10 minute deluge.  Does that count as a dry day or a rainy day?

Nothing interesting going on with the household  today...  Youngest son extremely clingy & stressy.  Number 2 son full of temper tantrums including one at bedtime when he was sent to brush his teeth.  Cue wailing & foot stamping & declarations that he was going to be lonely in the bathroom... prompting the eldest to tell him "er, you're not alone"!!

But that's pretty much it for today...  Golly gosh, we're wild & crazy here!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

"Mummy, why do we have elbows?"

That was the question posed by my second-eldest in the middle of Tesco!!  When told it was so we could bend our arms, he replied "Oh yeah" in such a funny tone of voice (oh yeah, of course it is, silly me!) that we couldn't help laughing at him - a lot!!!

Anyway.  It's Day Two.  The weather has been absolutely wonderful all day (bit windy, mind) despite Len our local weatherman saying it was going to be raining this afternoon.....  He rarely gets it right, bless him!

Still waiting for the landlord to call back...  I'm not holding my breath that he'll call at a reasonable hour....

Ah well.  Steak with philedelphia sauce served with potato rosti for dinner & I think I'll watch Angels & Demons as well.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 2 in the St Swithins Experiment

Weather was horrendous this morning - absolutely chucking it down & windy (apparently it was Force 10 last night)  By this afternoon it was gorgeous though....  so far it looks like as the weather was changeable on St Swithins day, it's going to remain changeable for 40 days...  mind you, it's only the first day of course!

Waiting for the landlord to call me back about the horrid problems we have with the house.  I texted him this afternoon & so far no call.  He has so far tried calling after 10pm.  Wonder if he's ever going to phone at a decent hour?

Thursday, 15 July 2010

St Swithins Day

Well, here we go. It's been a long time since I kept a diary (getting on for 12 years actually)

I've just not felt the need at all. I'm not a teenager full of angst & I've just not had time to be scribbling (well I probably have had but I've filled that time with other stuff!)

But lately I've been starting to feel the pull towards writing about things that have happened and St Swithins day seemed like a good time to start.

So, allegedly, whatever the weather is like on St Swithins day, that's how it will remain for the next 40 days.... So let's keep tabs on it shall we?

Today in Pembrokeshire, it started off overcast with a bit of drizzle. Turned sunny towards the early afternoon (so I put the washing out... big mistake) By the time I was on the way back from picking the boys up it was absolutely hoofing it down (see why it was a big mistake?!)

So is it going to be sunny for the next 40 days, raining or just plain changeable?

I guess we'll have to wait & see!